Labyrinth with inscription, Cathedral of St Martin, Lucca (Keith Salvesen)

WELCOME to the ABOUT page of a longstanding but frankly pathetically curated blog. I started it several (9?) years ago, the precocious younger sibling of the comfortingly similarly-named ROLLINGHARBOUR.COM, a comprehensive blog about the Bahamas in general and the island of Abaco in particular. That one mainly features birds, marine life and so forth, and covers plenty more subsidiary interests.

Rolling Harbour, Abaco

This one has been all but defunct for… a very long time. In some years there have been barely half-a-dozen posts – none since this February 2020 for example, and it is now November. Despite my neglect, this site receives a completely unmerited number of hits. So I’m going to try again. Priorities change with time and my interests elsewhere (a 5-year migratory bird project; marine mammal research) are now completed or will continue in a different way. 

I have now decided to revive and restyle the blog into a more specific, better-tended, and less random resource. I’m rejigging the emphasis to include specific current interests of mine, in the hope that readers if any may enjoy them. It’ll take a while to sort out the categories (including some deletions). Let’s see how I get on with that.

Butterfly / TL (Keith Salvesen)

©IMAGES The copyright to all images is mine unless otherwise stated. Please don’t use any without checking with me first. Normally I am only too happy to give permission; however in some cases I have already permitted exclusive use elsewhere.

Comments are welcome. Emails to rollingharbour.delphi@gmail.com 

Keith Salvesen / Rolling Harbour Abaco Bahamas

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