rollingharbourlife – THE SPIN-OFF BLOG

WELCOME to rollingharbourlife, the only-slightly-odd-looking-when-written side-project that will contain a variety of photographs and other stuff having nothing whatsoever to do with the Delphi Club, Abaco, bonefishing or indeed anywhere very exotic. Sorry about that.  But now you are here, why not have a little rootle around and see if there’s anything you might enjoy. If there is, good. If not, no harm done. Probably.

The other ethereal entity to keep an eye on is [and also if you might be interested in an upscale fishing trip]

I am hoping there won’t be an emergence of irreconcilable ‘artistic differences’ between the two blogs, of the sort that will lead to an acrimonious split, drink ‘n’ drugs hell, and a spell in the Priory for one or other blog (or both).

I’ll put up a few images to get started, then add other details – including contacts and so forth – in due course. Being a spin-off, this blog will be less attentively nurtured than the main event, but it will grow in its own good time…

© IMAGE RIGHTS The blog images are mine all mine, unless otherwise stated. Please assume they are all © rollingharbour and let me know if you wish to use one, because I have used some myself elsewhere (one of them has even won a modest prize, for Heaven’s sake) and… the legal part of my brain is already kicking in at the prospects.

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