At 8.5 – 9.5 cms, Britain’s smallest bird, fractionally smaller than the Firecrest. They are part resident, part migratory but I’ve only ever seen them in winter. The last time was in our garden about 3 years ago. Then, yesterday, I saw a pair on some silver birches while I was watching a group of long-tailed tits. I managed to rush in, grab a camera, and re-locate them by their distinctive high piping call. 

Goldcrest 1

They move fast, and are one of the few birds apart from hummingbirds that can (briefly) hover while feeding – though I have seen robins manage this at a feeder. They were back today, in heavy rain. My photos below are the best of the bunch from yesterday – they never stopped flicking around a viburnum. Let’s hope I have another chance…Goldcrest 3 Goldcrest 4Goldcrest 2

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