Gone Fishin' MatCanada Geese Prospect Park 1 Canada Geese Prospect Park 2 Canada Geese Prospect Park 3 Canada Geese Prospect Park 4A close-up of the photo above shows a goose using its tail to stabilise its ice landingCanada Geese Prospect Park 7Bandy legs also seem to be “in” this season…Canada Geese Prospect Park 6

This is probably my last post on this blog for a couple of weeks, while I am away “on-site” at main blog HQ . Posting using an iPhone is a fiddly exercise, and the photos and formatting always have to be redone from scratch… Apologies that this site is so casual, with half-finished projects galore. Half-started, even. And also, apologies if I leave replying to comments for now until we get back…

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