Spring is making up for lost time in Dorset, as everywhere else. The blackbirds are nesting again, the partridges have been joined by a cock pheasant in full, shiny breeding plumage. We heard our first cuckoo on March 5th, a couple of fields away. Sparrows are nesting in cavities in the old walls of the house. Strictly we ought to plug them with something, but it seems a shame, and the walls are thick enough. And so, on to…

…the decade that music forgot. I watched a pair of house martins building a nest under the eaves, taking it in turns to collect small balls of mud to add to the structure, and carefully fitting the nest together. I decided to video them. Suddenly I had a vague recollection of The Housemartins and a song called ‘Build’ (it reached #41 in NZ in 1987… rather higher in the UK). So I put video and song together, only to realise that the song is actually quite irritating – especially the papapapapa bits. Too late. Here it is, with advice to mute the sound if you don’t want to be transported back to a bad place musically… 



  1. Your so lucky having a nest. I love when the chicks hatch and stick their heads out to feed. Your going to have a problem concentrating on working on the garden, you can get mesmerised just watching the happenings at the nest!


    1. They are certainly a most entertaining distraction. We usually have one, sometimes two nests on that side of the house. The twittering is clearly conversation – ‘You take a break and I’ll mind the eggs for a while’. Or, ‘Martin, you’re not pulling your weight with the building work’. A joy to watch. We have lots of swallows too, but as yet not swifts to make up the summer trio.


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