This morning my attention was caught by some inept avian fluttering in our field. Two birds, medium size. A flash of red on the head, and a large beak: green woodpeckers.  The lack of vivid green ruled out adult males – this was a mother / fledgling education lesson in flying and self-sufficiency. By the time I had grabbed a camera from the house, they had moved further away. I had to creep up to the field fence so as not to scare them, and fire off some distance shots from a slightly awkward position (avoiding barbed wire was one issue). These are quite poor images, as photographs go. But the story is a good and rather sweet one…

Mum!Green Woodpecker, Dorset 1

Uh huh….?Green Woodpecker, Dorset 2

I’m hungryGreen Woodpecker, Dorset 3

Hurry up… hungryyyyyyy

Green Woodpecker, Dorset 5

Ok dear, worm coming up. You’ll have to learn to do this for yourself now

Green Woodpecker, Dorset 4

Still hungryyyyyyGreen Woodpecker, Dorset 6

Well here’s a nice bug. Last one. Then you are on your own. Forever.Green Woodpecker, Dorset 7

Open wide…Green Woodpecker, Dorset 8

Thanks mum. I’ll be fine now. I think.Green Woodpecker, Dorset 9

Synchronised independence and self-reliance…
Green Woodpecker, Dorset 10


    1. Thanks Amelia. I’d never have noticed them unless I had first seen them fluttering around. Wish I’d had a camera with me in the first place, when they were closer. A rare treat to watch.


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