COSMOS: THE FLOWER (with white-tailed bumblebee)

NOW YOU SEE IT…                 Comos, Dorset…NOW YOU DON’T                Comos & Bumblebee, Dorset

8 thoughts on “COSMOS: THE FLOWER (with white-tailed bumblebee)

  1. 🙂
    Oh gosh, how wonderful, RH! Have you got a new macro? This is quite impressive.
    Is it allowed to ask what gear you prefer nowadays?
    Dorset. It sounds so flowery, clean and fresh. Please confirm.
    Enjoy your Sunday, have fun!


    1. No new macro, Dina. It’s just a fairly basic Panasonic with no extra macro gizmo. Good autofocus, though, & a Leica lens. I also use a small Canon. All cheap and cheerful! Dorset is lovely – as is Norfolk, of course! RH


      1. Hello – I am new to your site. Would you mind if I used this as a study/reference photo for a watercolour painting please?


      2. Hi Martine, I’d be delighted of course, and thanks for asking!
        Thanks also for calling in at such a rubbish blog. I look after it very badly and it is last in the list of my online priorities… I’m very glad you found something useful on it! RH


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