Dartmoor Ponies 2Dartmoor Ponies 5Dartmoor Ponies 1Dartmoor Ponies 3Dartmoor Ponies 6Dartmoor Ponies 8Dartmoor Ponies 7Dartmoor Ponies 10

2 thoughts on “DARTMOOR PONIES & FOALS

  1. It looks like a truly wonderful landscape, so peaceful, fresh and clean. And no people!
    I’ve never been to Dartmoor before, I’d love to see it one day. We’re getting ready to go to the Lake District next week. I’ve never been there either, I hope it’s not too crowded to see the Lakes! 🙂
    Love, Dina


    1. We’ve only ever driven across Dartmoor on the way somewhere, so staying there was a treat. Not one for winter, though! Enjoy the Lake District, that’s another place we have passed by on the way to Scotland, until a short stay a couple of years ago. Completely beautiful. RH


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