Dartmoor - Dartmeet Walk 6

This is a simple 3-generation Dartmoor hill walk from a rustic car park just east of Dartmeet, the confluence of the West and East Dart rivers. Unchallenging. Great views. Interesting (pre?)historic trackway. Ponies. A grid of side-tracks to explore. Rocks and stones. Something for everyone. The ringed area below shows the track, which ultimately leads to a ruined village, now barely discernable. 

Dartmoor Walk, Dartmeet 1Dartmoor Track

I find in retrospect that my photos of the route  tended to concentrate overmuch on the  ‘agger and fossum’ aspect of the track. There’s a perfectly good natural track to walk up. It looks a fairly steep start, but I assure you it is easy walking…

Dartmoor - Dartmeet Walk 1 Dartmoor - Dartmeet Walk 2 Dartmoor - Dartmeet Walk 3Dartmoor - Dartmeet Walk 5

Looking back down the hill to the car park        Dartmoor - Dartmeet Walk 4

At the top are inviting side tracks leading off the main oneDartmoor - Dartmeet Walk 7Dartmoor - Dartmeet Walk 9

No walk here would be complete without at least one pony and foal pairDartmoor - Dartmeet Walk 8

There are fine views in all directions, especially from the east right round to the westDartmoor - Dartmeet Walk 10Dartmoor - Dartmeet Walk 11Dartmoor - Dartmeet Walk 12Dartmoor - Dartmeet Walk 13Dartmoor - Dartmeet Walk 14Dartmoor - Dartmeet Walk 15Dartmoor - Dartmeet Walk 16Dartmoor - Dartmeet Walk 17Dartmoor - Dartmeet Walk 18

Not much grows here except grass and the exceptionally hardy gorse and heatherDartmoor - GorseDartmoor - HeatherDartmoor - Heather & Gorse

Dartmoor - Dartmeet Walk 19

Photo credit: Berry (7), who loved the walk & took the more interesting photos


  1. Thank you, dear Berry for the lovely photos! I enjoyed walking behind you, thanks for taking me. 🙂
    Greetings from November grey-wet Bonn


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