Newchurch Hill, Powys Map jpg

The area round Newchurch is a short distance north of the book Mecca that is Hay-on-Wye. Barely 15 minutes drive will take you to low hill country of moorland and open common, with fine views of the Black Mountains and, more distantly, the Brecon Beacons. We had book-related events to attend in Hay, and a remote farm B&B near Newchurch as base-camp. Behind it, Newchurch Hill and a Trig Point to ‘bag’ while the late November sun shone. 

Easy walking on open terrain, with plenty of sheep for companyNewchurch Hill Powys Walk 1

And horses. Most are wild, in that they are mainly  left to their own devices all year round. They are a mix of Welsh mountain ponies, Welsh cobs and perhaps some pit ponies, with other breeds adding to the genetic mix over the years. The greys are the purest bred.Newchurch Hill Powys Walk 2 Newchurch Hill Powys Walk 3 Newchurch Hill Powys Walk 4

There were a number of broad tracks, and because the land was so open the sheep tracks were very clearly defined. This one stretched a remarkably long way. You can just see our trig point target on the skylineNewchurch Hill Powys Walk 5

The trig point marks Newchurch Hill as 424 metres high, and provides extensive 360deg viewsNewchurch Hill Powys Walk 6 Newchurch Hill Powys Walk 7 Newchurch Hill Powys Walk 8

There are any number of ways to get to the top, and to return. This was a tempting track Newchurch Hill Powys Walk 9 Newchurch Hill Powys Walk 10

At one stage we were joined by a pair of red kites (the area is known as ‘red kite country’). It was gratifying to find that at one stage we were actually higher than they were. I wished I’d taken a bigger camera…Newchurch Hill Powys Walk 11 Newchurch Hill Powys Walk 12

As we walked down, a pair of riders from a nearby stables passed on the skyline Newchurch Hill Powys Walk 13

The stables had the perfect name for spelling out with horseshoes…Newchurch Hill Powys Walk 14


    1. Thanks! It was a great day for views. Love the kites, but in their right surroundings. The ones released in the Chilterns by that nice Mr Getty on his Wormsley estate have gone forth, multiplied, and are every-bloody-where. No wide-open spaces to be territorial. Splendid, but out of place – like the parakeets of London / Home Counties. Here endeth the grouch. RH


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