The Osprey is one of relatively few bird species that can be found both in Britain and in the Bahamas. This picture was taken by a friend on ABACO last year. It swooped into the sea, snatched a fair-sized bonefish (note the distinctive deeply forked tail), and carried it to a convenient utility post for lunch. 

Osprey (Woody Bracey) copy2Photo credit: Woody Bracey

I’ve never seen an osprey that close anywhere. Some years ago we watched one take a large salmon from the mouth of the River Spey and carry it off held characteristically ‘fore and aft’, but we had no camera with us. My best shot was also in Scotland in the very early days of digital cameras when 4mb and 2x zoom was considered amazing. Here it is, in all its majesty… 

Osprey, Nr Huntly


  1. Great shot! It is rare to get close enough to birds to get a really good shot. When we lived in Scotland we used to make an annual pilgrimage to Loch Garten to watch them on the webcam. We also saw them on the lochs but never close up.


    1. Sorry Amelia, this one slipped through the net. Loch Garten is a great experience, isn’t it, if a bit ‘organised’ feeling. My puny photo was taken near Huntly where we’d taken a cottage for a family holiday – the birds were nesting on the Estate, which was wonderful. Can’t think why the only picture I have is so feeble, except that it wasn’t a priority when there were fish to be caught in the Deveron… RH


    1. I’m hoping to get some pics on Abaco next month – I know where a pair nested last year, and the area where they generally hang out. They are the same as the Scottish ones, except a lot warmer… and they don’t prey on haggis. RH


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