This little Blog has been rather more neglected than usual of late while we have been away. Now back in the UK, and hoping to pay it some attention soon now that all the fun is over… Book launched, fish caught, things eaten and drunk. Reality check starts… NOW.

JACKET GRAB JPGflyer 2Birds of Abaco Verandah1900063_10152069487394482_984358031_nunnamedMahi Mahi 1

10 thoughts on “OTHERWISE ENGAGED…

    1. That’s kind of you to say so, Jessica. It is specific to the northern Bahamas, with some relevance to islands further south and also west to Florida, so it’s on a smallish scale. Small but perfectly formed, I’d like to think! RH


  1. Congratulations, RH! It looks really great, wishing you all the best with the promotion. Well done indeed! 30 photographers in one book, not an easy task. What a catch, I’m sure the fish was delicious! 🙂 What is it?
    Wishing you many pleased readers and buyers,


    1. Very kind, Dina. 16 months well-spent, and the book is selling strongly on the Island and in US. Phew! The fish is known locally as dolphin (not as in ‘Flipper’) or Mahi Mahi. Elsewhere, dorado. Completely delicious. We had it for dinner. Thanks for your good wishes, and nice to hear from you again – you have become a rare blogger these days… RH


      1. So that’s how the dorado look! 🙂 Great that the book is selling well, that’s excellent news.
        Yes and no, I’ve been a bit absent from blogging, work is demanding a lot of my time and good living as well 🙂 and the amount of 3500 followers chokes me to some extend. I’m struggling to find a way to deal with this, in order to stay a happy blogger. Now I have to pack my bags and get prepared for the flight back to Germany; got 10 days longer stay in NN due to the aviation strike, Lufthansa! 🙂
        Love, Dina


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