With a camera, OK? Clearing a gateway to the field opposite our house has revealed a burrow.  It’s no surprise, it’s a good year for rabbits in this part of Dorset, and I have already filled 3 burrows dug in our garden… But I suspect there’s a massive warren, and they just pop up again somewhere else. A couple of nights ago I took a few photos of rabbits enjoying ‘Silflay’ (© Richard Adams, Watership Down), the evening feed in the open. A glitch eradicated them. Yesterday evening in the sunshine, I took some closer shots of 2 rabbits by the burrow. Very picturesque. As long as they stay that side of the road…

Rabbit, Totnell, Dorset 1Rabbit, Totnell, Dorset 7Rabbit, Totnell, Dorset 10Rabbit, Totnell, Dorset 4Rabbit, Totnell, Dorset 9Rabbit, Totnell, Dorset 8


  1. Mmm. Mrs RH has very clear views, as you would expect. But, as the French might say with a gallic shrug, ‘Bouf, what can you do? We are surrondés by champs’. [Take drastic measures, in fact, but shhhhhh….]


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