My last post was a short video of coots at WWT Barnes feeding weed to their young, something I hadn’t seen before. Last weekend we had our 2-year old granddaughter to stay and took her to Ravenscourt Park (West London) to look at squirrels, ducks and a lot of manky feral pigeons. There were coots on a nest in the middle of the lake; and there were more strutting round on the grass. I don’t think I have ever bothered to notice the peculiarities of a coot’s foot before. To many people, myself included, a coot is mainly a moorhen with a white beak arrangement instead of a red one. So take a look at a foot comparison. Double-click for a detailed view, especially the close-up #3.

Coot (showing feet), Ravenscourt Park LondonCoot (showing feet), Ravenscourt Park LondonCoot Feet Close-up, Ravenscourt Park London

Moorhen’s feet for comparison – completely different structurallyMoorhen_feet Mehmet Kartuk Wikijpg


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