The first I knew was a light thump against the window as a newly fledged wren chick misjudged its landing on the windowsill. By the time I had grabbed a camera and gone outside, it was sitting happily on the ground, cheeping persistently. It was tiny, yet completely unconcerned by my inching towards it while fiddling with the camera. I fired off a few shots, then it fluttered ineptly to a 5-barred gate. There were other piping little calls around, so plainly there were others. In the end I saw 4 that had flown, and located the nest in the stable – I could hear the plaintive peeping of the last to leave the nest. There were dark and pale birds, presumably male and female. Mostly they stayed separate though in the same area. However I did get one shot of a pair on the top rail of a gate – suitably posed for a caption competition. So here are a few of the photos of miniature versions of what is already one of the UK’s smallest species. For size comparison, the stones are small gravel chips.Wren Fledgling, Dorset 4 Wren Fledgling, Dorset 5 Wren Fledgling, Dorset 6 Wren Fledgling, Dorset 1

Captions?Wren Fledgling, Dorset 2

I tried to get some photos mid-cheep – surprisingly difficult to do. Mostly the attempts did not work out, but I quite liked this little fledgling having a squeak in the middle of an area of gravelWren Fledgling, Dorset 3


  1. Brilliant!!! I love wrens they are so cute but these fledglings are adorable. We have some around but I’ve never got close enough to get a good photograph. Amelia


    1. Spot of luck to be right there when they flew. We had another brood fledge from second nest in a different outhouse the next day, but the photo possibilities were not nearly as good. Then I was in Cornwall until yesterday, and today a third lot of wren fledglings were squeaking around the garden. Wrens were near-threatened a while ago, but thankfully seem to be making a comeback. RH


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