I’ve only noticed the appearance of this pretty little butterfly species in the last couple of days. They are the devil to photograph – very small, often ensuring several blades of grass get between it and you so the focus goes awry, and always on the move. That’s my excuse, anyway.Common Blue Butterfly, Dorset 4Common Blue Butterfly, Dorset 1Common Blue Butterfly, Dorset 2Common Blue Butterfly, Dorset 3Common Blue Butterfly, Dorset 5


    1. A good point well made. But which, I ask myself, is more appropriate for me – training for and running an oldies marathon (as if!), or sauntering round our paddock with a camera knowing there’s a bottle of half-decent white wine cooling in the fridge… No, Amelia, not the marathon!


      1. Yes, not the best advert of strenuous exercise. Still, at least poor old Pheidippides managed to blurt out the good news – ‘we have won’ – before he died. If they’d lost it would have been more poignant, I think.


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