A few photos taken in July and August of swallows in Dorset. Our recently installed upgraded electricity cables are ridiculously large, but at least they provide a solid perch for the birds. The adult swallows shown are followed by a young trainee swallow nabbing a passing insect; and some cute fledglings including one (penultimate) who decides to call for its food the easy way – and the compliant parent… Swallow, Dorset 6 Swallow, Dorset 9 Swallow, Dorset 13Swallow, Dorset 2Swallow, Dorset 1Swallow, Dorset 10 Swallow, Dorset 11 Swallow, Dorset 12    Swallow, Dorset 16 Swallow, Dorset 15Swallow, Dorset 17


    1. Hi Scott, many thanks. I’ve just got a basic Lumix FZ45 bridge camera, which has the advantage of a Leica lens and a good zoom (24 / 32). I have an extension lens for it which increases the zoom a bit but can’t be adjusted like a normal zoom lens. Basically it’s the lens quality though. I bought a more expensive version of this camera, but it turned out not to have the Leica lens so bird shots in particular were ‘soft’… as I discovered on my return from a trip with it. I sold it again and went back to the old camera!


  1. Great photographs! Swallows are great birds to have near the house to watch. I think I am fond of them because they will nest and roost in proximity to human habitation which I take as a very friendly gesture. We did not have any swallows nesting near us this year, unfortunately. Amelia


    1. We are so lucky to get them every year, and more than usual this summer (but fewer house martins). Although we had fledglings, I never found a nest in the outbuildings. But now it’s ‘farewell’ until April.


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