These photographs of Ramsgate Harbour were taken on a bright September day as we went on a 3-generational family seal boat trip, and on our return. Ramsgate Harbour 1 Ramsgate Harbour 2 Ramsgate Harbour 3 Ramsgate Harbour 4 Ramsgate Harbour 5 Ramsgate Harbour 6 Ramsgate Harbour 7

The photo below shows Pugin’s home The Grange, now a Landmark Trust property where we were staying for a family occasion. To the right is St Augustine’s, the church designed by Pugin and completed after his death by his son Edward. It has a nice walled garden, but overlooks the now-defunct ferry terminal, which slightly mars the charm…Ramsgate Harbour 8 Ramsgate Harbour 9 Ramsgate Harbour 10 Ramsgate Harbour 11 Ramsgate Harbour 12


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