The sun was out, the bees were out and I was out trying camera settings having failed spectacularly to come to terms with a new(ish) SLR. The problem remains me, not it, but I sense that the hatred is mutual. Anyway, a few bee shots worked well enough to use… This is my favourite bee, tiny and pale, far smaller than the sturdy yellow and black bumbles jostling for the space on the hyssop and lavender. I like the way their packed saddlebags matched their  colouring. There are probably two or even three different species of bee here for all I know, but it’s hot and I can’t be bumbled to look it up…

This is the first year I have taken on board the number of mites the bees carry. #1 has a fine one under the wing; and I saw one bumble with a smart necklace of mites. I realise they are mostly non-parasitic (apparently), and maybe it is even a sign of good bee health…

Bees in August, Dorset Bees in August, DorsetBees in August, DorsetBees in August, Dorset Bees in August, Dorset Bees in August, DorsetBees in August, Dorset Bees in August, Dorset


  1. Great photographs, I’m sure your relationship with your new camera will improve given time. The bumbles look rather sun-bleached so you must have been having good weather and they have been working hard. Amelia


    1. Mmmm. I was all for getting rid of it until last w/e and a sunny garden! I thought these might be a distinct species of small bumble – they were 1/2 the size, or less, than the ‘normal’ bumbles – and we get them every year. Sometimes they are more honey-coloured. I’ll have to look for my bumble book (which I haven’t found since we were burgled in Jan, but I highly doubt the professionals who kippered us were closet bee fans…)


      1. I have tried very hard with bumble bee identification but apart from the very obvious like lapidarus, hypnorum, hortorum and pratorum – I get stuck. The carders are the worse although some of the prettiest. Amelia


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