Thurlestone Rocks, Devon (L) 04

A long weekend spent at Thurlestone, Devon for a family event – a cheerful one – meant time to explore an unfamiliar area. And the rocks on the beach were quite unlike any we had seen before; certainly unlike anything on our part of the Dorset coast, 100 miles or so to the west. So I took some photos. Having no geological knowledge, I can’t say if this is part of the real – or even the flexibly tourist office-defined – “Jurassic Coast”, but I suspect not. Here are some of the strange bumpy many-hued formations.

Thurlestone Rocks, Devon (L) 03Thurlestone Rocks, Devon (L) 02 Thurlestone Rocks, Devon (L) 05Thurlestone Rocks, Devon (L) 01Thurlestone Rocks, Devon (L) 06Thurlestone Rocks, Devon (L) 07Thurlestone Rocks, Devon (L) 08Thurlestone Rocks, Devon (L) 09Thurlestone Rocks, Devon (L) 12Thurlestone Rocks, Devon (L) 10Thurlestone Rocks, Devon (L) 11


  1. Lovely post, RH! Family events in unfamiliar places sounds like a good alternative. The formations and colours are amazing, I was wondering about this being part of the Jurrasic Coast. A couple of weeks ago we went to West Runton, North Norfolk where almost every stone tells a long story. There are lots of treasures on the English beaches! 🙂
    Wishing you and your ladies a happy weekend,
    Dina & co


    1. It was indeed a great weekend. Always good to explore somewhere new. The Church, for example, was very interesting. It’s too far west to be jurassic, so I need to investigate further. Before turning my attention to Norfolk!

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  2. P.S. Thurlestone is not part of the World Heritage Jurassic Coast which starts at Old Harry Rocks in Dorset at the eastern end and finishes at Orcombe Rocks near Exmouth in Devon at the western end.

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