Our house provides nesting opportunities for sparrows on all sides. Somewhat ramshackle, with plenty of holes in the thick walls and under the eaves, it is perfect for the communal sparrow lifestyle. Every year we think of filling the holes, and then to decide not to. The sparrows do no harm. We’d miss them. Here are some chicks in the most easily accessible hole for photography. It is used every year, usually twice. An iPhone is best for the purpose because the flash is right next to the lens.

Sparrow Chicks, Dorset 01 Sparrow Chicks, Dorset 02 Sparrow Chicks, Dorset 03 Sparrow Chicks, Dorset 04 Sparrow Chicks, Dorset 05 Sparrow Chicks, Dorset 06 Sparrow Chicks, Dorset 07 Sparrow Chicks, Dorset 10

Gable End Wall 2
Gable End date


I previously posted about the sparrows that started building nests this year in small cavities in the stone wall at the gable end of our house. The top room, now a bedroom, was formerly the hayloft – the brickwork shows the extent of the hayloft entrance

The walls are very thick, so there is plenty of room without the risk of birds bursting through into the room beyond…

Today the wall was busy with adults coming and going. I tried to see if I could get a picture of sparrow chicks, but they were too far into the cranny. Turn up the volume and you can hear them, though…