As summer gives way to autumn, the vine leaves start to turn rusty red
Grape Harvest, London 12Grape Harvest, London 11

Grapes that have been green all summer gradually turn deep red, almost blackGrape Harvest, London 10Grape Harvest, London 13

This year the grapes have been more prolific than for many yearsGrape Harvest, London 2Grape Harvest, London 5

The bunches are larger, juicier and sweeter than ever beforeGrape Harvest, London 4Grape Harvest, London 3

Today was the Vendemmia, the annual grape harvest
Grape Harvest, London 6Grape Harvest, London 7

About 25% of the harvest filled a traditional blue grape-picking receptacle
Grape Harvest, London 8Grape Harvest, London 9And this happened today in… West London

4 thoughts on “THE GRAPE HARVEST

  1. What beautiful grapes with a lovely bloom on them. The vine leaves are so healthy too which makes sense. It’s not what you would expect from grapes in London. Are they a special variety for growth in the U.K.?


    1. They’ve been amazing this year. Usually the leaves get mildew, or rust early; and the grapes start to shrivel and the birds fall on them with glee. The vine was planted by our predecessor [we’ve lived here 33 years]. He was a german biochemist, and the variety was a hybrid from there. He made 20 about bottles of wine a year, no doubt helped by his scientific know-how! We have made grape and rosemary jelly (think carré d’agneau etc!) RH


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