Small Bees at Oxburgh 1

TREE POPPY Romneya coulteri

This plant at Oxburgh Hall, Norfolk was a magnet for small bees. We watched them come and go, filling up their little saddlebags. Photos of bees in flight don’t often work well. These are no exception. Still, they do catch the general bizzyness of the proceedings. The plant was lovely, not one we knew. Another new bee plant find for the year, along with Hyssop.

Small Bees at Oxburgh 2 Small Bees at Oxburgh 3 Small Bees at Oxburgh 4 Small Bees at Oxburgh 5 Small Bees at Oxburgh 6 Small Bees at Oxburgh 7White Poppy with Bees 7

3 thoughts on “A POPULAR POPPY WITH SMALL BEES Romneya coulteri

  1. Beautiful photographs. Coincidently, I have been looking for one even though I didn’t know how much the bees like it. I just thought it beautiful. Claire Austin warns in her “1001 Perennials” (love that book!) that it can be difficult to grow and suckers freely once established so only suitable for a large garden. Not one for a narrow border then! I don’t get a good choice in plants here at my local nurseries and I have never seen it on sale.


      1. Because the left side of the back garden is shaded by trees, positions in the sun are limited. We have to be very careful now as we have sworn not to over extend the borders to keep work to a minimum. (I’d still like a tree poppy :)).


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