Speckled Woods have just started to appear. Unlike most of the other species in the garden, they are eschewing the flowerbeds in favour of the hedgerows. I saw my first one a couple of days ago in the vegetable garden, but it was by the hedge there and not on the flower side. So maybe its name – and its unshowy dappled colouring – says something about its preferred habitat.
Speckled Wood Butterfly, Dorset 1 Speckled Wood Butterfly, Dorset 4 Speckled Wood Butterfly, Dorset 8 Speckled Wood Butterfly, Dorset 9 Speckled Wood Butterfly, Dorset 10


  1. Very nice impressions of the Speckled Wood butterfly, RH. Do you collect butterflies?
    I know this one from Norway, it’s called Skogringvinge! 🙂
    I was amazed to read, the appearance of this butterfly in UK changes from north to south, forming a “cline”, where individuals in the north are dark brown with white spots, with those in more southerly locations being dark brown with orange spots.
    Ha en fin dag,


    1. No I don’t. But I’m just beginning to learn a bit about them (a change from birds) and photograph what visits our garden. We replanted a flowerbed with bee / butterfly / moth friendly plants, so new species have appeared. Some of them I know, some I have to look up! Mange takk! RH


      1. Bare hyggelig! ! 😊 Butterflies, bees and moths are very good grounding helpers, RH. You have a great project. Enjoy!
        Best wishes from Bonn,
        as from tomorrow Cley…


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