I photographed this bird yesterday in Warwickshire. It was hanging out with several ‘normal’ white geese on the banks of the Avon at Bidford, yet it was not like them. I’ve  had a look online for a goose breed with blue eyes, orange eye liner, an orange beak speckled with black and a bulbous forehead. I’ve found nothing like this. The answer may be that it the age or seasonal stage of a particular goose species. Or a strange swan-cross: a swoose or gwan? The last photo shows the whole creature. I’d welcome a definitive ID (it may be completely obvious, but my mind has gone blank on this one… ).

Goose Mystery Bidford 1 Goose Mystery Bidford 2 Goose Mystery Bidford 3 Goose Mystery Bidford 4


    1. Interesting, thanks for having a look. I’d wondered about chinese goose, purely based on a search of the online image gallery. But it didn’t quite fit. By complete coincidence in the light of my jocular references to a swan – goose cross, the Chinese Goose is said to be a descendant of a ‘swan goose’, a bird I was previously unaware of. So maybe it really is a swoose. Or a gwan. RH


    1. Oh dear – you were one of the people I was relying on to know! Best suggestion so far is Chinese Goose with unusual speckled beak – which is oddly appropriate since they are supposedly descended from the ‘swan goose’. So my little joke about goose / swan cross may unwittingly have been a lucky guess!


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