Easter Monday sunshine after 3 drizzly overcast days. Suddenly the garden is full of birds, bees and butterflies. We have had indoor butterflies right through the winter – all tortoiseshells. They have to be guided gently to an open window. If we haven’t been around for a while, it’s a sadder result. Where on earth have they been coming from? The house may be old, but it is by and large weatherproof and butterflyproof, so they must be emerging in the house… 

In the garden we saw plenty of peacocks and tortoiseshells, and several large whites and brimstones. I had a short time to try out a new camera – an alien thing with changeable lenses, a bossy screen, strange settings, too many choices, a mind of its own and an ignorant owner. I deleted almost all the photos, but these just about survived the cut. But they are poor, and nowhere near what can be achieved with my previous camera (which I have kept). But just as I was about to blame my tools and indeed condemn them utterly for incompetence, I realised that the problem is not in fact with the camera at all. Damn. I’ve got to trawl through the 756 page manual again… It’s all my fault!Tortoiseshell Butterfly Dorset 3Tortoiseshell Butterfly Dorset 4Tortoiseshell Butterfly Dorset 2Tortoiseshell Butterfly Dorset 1

Even the peacock photos that I had high hopes of were rubbish. This is the dodgy best. Next time out, all will be well… Peacock Butterfly Dorset 1


  1. I think the butterfly photographs are great. My husband has just bought a Canon bridge camera to be light and increase his telephoto capabilities and despite his other camera being a Canon, I’ve had to put up with a lot of quiet and not so quiet mutterings and complaints. Amelia

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